Classroom Cards

Classroom Library Cards

Troy-Miami County Public Library

The library strives to provide educators extended access to educational library materials and will provide special Classroom Library Cards to teachers and home school parents.

The classroom card is for use at Troy-Miami County Public Library locations only. If used at Dayton Metro Library or Bradford Library, fines and fees may accrue according to the policies of those libraries. If the card is used elsewhere, educators are responsible for any charges accrued.

1.The following information is required to complete a Classroom Library Card application: 

a.The completed form must be returned to the Library in person.

b.Applicant must provide the school name and grade level taught.

c.Home school teachers must present a copy of the “excused from school attendance” letter received from the appropriate school district.

d.   The applicant must present an official school ID as identification, or bring a written request signed by the school principal on letterhead.

The applicant (not the school) will accept responsibility for any charges leveled against the card.

3.      Fines will not be assessed but educator will be charged for lost or damaged materials. Overdue items may block the educator from checking out materials. Notification is sent when items are two weeks overdue. Another notice is sent after four weeks which includes a bill for unreturned items.

4.      Educators owning a personal library card that has accumulated fines or fees exceeding $5 will not be permitted to use their Classroom Library Card until those fines/fees are paid.

5.      Classroom Library Cards will expire yearly on September 1.  The card may be renewed if the educator provides proof of employment for the new school year.

6.      The Classroom Library Card can only be used to check out instructional materials for the classroom.  Educators cannot checkout regular adult fiction or adult fiction DVDs. These items can be checked out on the educator’s personal card. If the card is misused, it will be cancelled.

7.      The card cannot be used to check out multiple copies of the same title.

8.      The loan period of all materials is 6 weeks, except for instructional audio visual materials which check out for three weeks.  Holiday books are limited in number during the season. Materials will not be renewed.

9.      Fines are not assessed to a teacher card; however overdue items may block the use of the card.  Notification is sent when items are 2 weeks late.  Another notice is sent after 4 weeks which includes a bill for the unreturned materials.


Teacher Collection Request

Educators may request a collection of books to be selected for them. The library staff enjoys helping teachers provide materials to enrich the learning experience of their students.

  1. Requests may be made by phone, email, or in person.
  2. Educators will receive a print out of every item in the collection.
  3. Requests must be made 14 days in advance of the intended pick-up date. The pick-up date is established when making the request.
  4. Educators may request to be notified by email only when the collection is ready. Delivery of a collection can be made to schools in Troy through the “school pony.”
  5. The collection will no longer be available if not picked up seven days after the established pick-up date.
  6. The library will fill all requests with the understanding that the demand for library resources may limit the materials available.
  7. A collection must be returned to the location where it was obtained.
  8. Email Tammy at to request a collection or for more information.

[Approved by the Board of Trustees of Troy-Miami County Public Library October 15, 2014]


Online Teacher Collection Request Form

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